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What Our Clients Say

Beth Symes

Keith has received consistently high marks from his coaching clients [at London Business School]. He is an excellent listener and easily draws what’s most important to the client from each conversation. Having worked with Keith for over ten years now I can attest to the impressive impact he has on his clients. Very skilled!

Beth Symes, M.A., PCC
The Paideia Group

Anita Dahlstrom

Keith has a great appreciation for the paradoxes found in so many situations. He has a talent for balancing on that fine edge that exists between the two sides in the world of paradox where innovation and creativity thrive. Any organization with which Keith is involved benefits from his talent for sparking original thought and generating positive energy.


Anita Dahlstrom, M.A.
La Bonita Ventures

Beth Anagnos

Keith is an outstanding coach who brings a wealth of knowledge in healthcare to his engagements. He is an experienced professional who quickly connects with his clients providing thoughtful insights, resources and support. As a physician, he is particularly helpful in working with other physicians, from those experiencing professional challenges to doctors taking on new leadership responsibilities.


Beth Anagnos
Mind the Gap, LLC

Dr. Laura A.

From the first time I visited with Keith he began helping me process and understand the wide array of feelings I was experiencing… He assisted me working through all the difficult stages of losing my confidence and needing to regain it to continue practicing medicine. I highly recommend Keith to anyone who needs assistance going through the challenges of life and practicing medicine.

Dr. Laura A.

World Class Coaching

I never imagined I would be facing the threat of losing my career over a bad patient outcome where an honest assessment showed that I did nothing wrong. However, this is the exact situation that I faced many years into my practice of medicine. Keith has been a godsend in tackling this challenge. His listening skills, focus, and attention to detail are exceptional. I have personal family members and friends who are physicians who know me intimately, and even with their emotional connection with me, they are not able to retain and focus on the details as well as Keith. Keith also demonstrates remarkable competence in developing strategies to face very complex challenges that are unique to a physician. The empathy and patience that Keith has expressed throughout this process has been life-giving and sustaining in a very special way. I cannot overstate this: I believe Keith Byler has been uniquely gifted to be a world-class physician coach. I give him my highest recommendation. I have the utmost confidence that his future clients will universally agree; Keith represents the gold-standard for a physician coach.

Dr. Pete R.

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